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Xenia Gratsos is an actress who has worked both in film and on stage. She was born in Greece and moved to the United States to pursue her acting career. She has had a long career with multiple roles in U.S. television and film. She has frequently used the stage name Brioni Farrell. Her birthday is February 12 and she lives in Southern California with her husband Eugene Robert Glazer, two dogs and seven cats, all rescues.
Selected filmography

La Femme Nikita ("Hand to Hand") (1999) ... as Renee
Dallas ("Conundrum: Part 1") (1991) ... as Alice Anne
Street Legal ("Home") (1989) ... as Eileen Gray
Tales from the Darkside ("Red Leader") (1987) ... as Amanda
Capitol (1985–1986) ... as Lila
The Hitchhiker ("W.G.O.D.") (1985) ... as Dalene
Night Heat ("Deadline") (1985)
Fantasy Island ("My Fair Pharaoh/The Power") (1980) ... as Cleopatra
The Duke ("Long and Thin, Lorna Lynn") (1979)
General Hospital (1977) ... as Martha Taylor
The Bionic Woman ("Jaime and the King") (1977) ... as Ezelda
Columbo ("A Case of Immunity") (1975)
Hell River (1974)... as Anna
The Bait (1973) ... as Denise
The Rookies ("Crossfire") (1973) ... as Kathy
Family Affair ("Ciao, Uncle Bill") (1968) ... as Luciana
Death Valley Days ("Lady with a Past" 1968) ... as Sue, ("Spring Rendezvous" 1967) ... as Waa-Nibe
Bonanza ("The Sound of Drums" 1968, "The Deed and the Dilemma" 1967, "Big Shadows on the Land" 1966) ... as Regina Rossi
Mission: Impossible ("The Town") (1968)
The Rat Patrol ("The Tug of War Raid") ... as Felicia (1968)
The Wild Wild West ("The Night of the Brain") (1967) ... as Voulee
Star Trek ("The Return of the Archons") (1967) ... as Tula
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. ("The Deadly Goddess Affair") (1966)

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