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Nikos Gounaris (Greek: Νίκος Γούναρης; 1915 – 5 May 1965 in Zagora, Magnesia, was a Greek tenor who was enormously popular as a "pop" singer in the 1950s.

Nikos Gounaris

Gounaris began playing the mandolin at the age of four. He attended the musical Conservatory of Music in Athens.

Gounaris was a Greek elafró singer and among the foremost Greek composers and musicians of the 1950s and 1960s. He was especially popular in the Greek community in America. He mainly sang about the sad side of love, and betrayed lovers.

Hit songs included "Ena vradi pou 'vrehe," "Glikia mou matia agapimena," and "Omorfi Athina".

He composed about 400 songs and played with the Trio Bel Canto during the 1960s. He was often called "Mr. Greece".

He died on May 5, 1965 of cancer.
Famous songs

Από τότε, την Άνοιξη - Since then, in Springtime
Αυτός ο άλλος - That other man
Γλυκά μου μάτια αγαπημένα - My sweet, beloved eyes
Είναι αργά πια τώρα να χωρίσουμε - It's too late for us to split up
Εκεί ψηλά στον Άη-Λια - On top of St Elias' hill
Ένα βράδυ που 'βρεχε - On a rainy night
Θυμήσου - Remember!
Κάϊρο - Cairo
Ο Βεδουίνος - The Bedouin
Ο κόσμος άλλαξε αλλάξαν οι καιροί - People changed, times changed
Όμορφη μου Αθήνα - Beautiful Athens
Που 'ν' αυτά τα μάτια; - Where are those eyes?
Σκαλί θα κατεβώ - I'll descend the steps
Σε είδα να κλαδεύεις - I saw you trimming the tree
Τρία χρόνια περάσανε - Three years have passed
Τώρα που σε γνώρισα - Now that I met you

In Media

His song; Pame Sta Bouzoukia is featured in a custom map on the MMOFPS Counter-Strike titled de_plaka.

Ihografisis Stis Ipa 1958-1960
Asteria Tou Ellinikou Tragoudiou - Gounaris
Axehasti Epohi - Nikos Gounaris
Ta Petalakia
Ta Oreotera Mou Tragoudia No2
Ta Oreotera Mou Tragoudia
I Ellada Tou Gounari
Back cover of LP - "Nikos Gounaris and the Trio Belcanto" (Hampshire records)


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