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Katerina Grolliou (Greek: Κατερίνα Γρόλλιου) is a Greek artist, born and living in Athens. Her work involves the design and production of handmade jewellery, microsculpture, painting in relief, and poetry.

Life and work


Katerina Grolliou was born in Athens. She studied painting, microsculpture and jewellery design at the State School of Fine Arts in Florence and worked under the tutorship of the sculptor Magni Egisto. Katerina pursued her quests in art and jewellery in Paris and Seoul.


In 1990 Katerina Grolliou founded her atelier in Athens, “Atelier GROLLIO”, where she designs and produces her own creations in handmade jewellery and microsculpture. Her work also embraces painting in relief, sculpture and poetry. Each line of jewellery, microsculpture and objets d’art is directly linked with a series of paintings and relates to her poetry, emerging through one of her collections. Collections do not "expire" as the artist continues to add new works sparked by the same core essence.

Major collections

Her major collections are (in order of initiation):

Art Nouveau
Macedonia-Cyprus 1900-1500 B.C.
Testimonies from the Ionian Islands
Dance Movement
Journey through the Civilization of Cyprus
Memories in Relief
Traces of Symbols

She is currently a nominee as Sculptor of the Year in Corfu (Kerkyra).


"Memory Paths", her first book of pictorial poetry, was published in 2006.[1]


Katerina Grolliou’s exhibitions in Greece and Cyprus: 1986 - 2009 (all solo, except 7 group shows)

Phaliro Municipal Cultural Centre, Athens
Papagou Municipal Centre, Athens (2 exhibitions)
Spiti tis Kiprou, Athens
Italian School, Athens (2 exhibitions)
Athens Municipal Cultural Centre, Athens
Argostoli Philharmonic Exhibition Centre, Cephallonia
Pessada Cultural Centre, Cephallonia (3 exhibitions)
Rafina Municipal Cultural Centre, Greece
“White Rocks” Hotel, Cephallonia
“Holiday Inn” Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus
Municipal Gallery, Art Café, Corfu (3 exhibitions)
“Thryallis” Art Gallery, Patra
“Greek Jewellery, 6000 Years of Tradition” (Ministry of Culture), Villa Bianca, Thessaloniki
“Dante Aligheri” Association, Athens
“Melina Merkouri” Cultural Centre, Athens
“Palace of the Duchess of Placentia”, Penteli Municipal Cultural Centre, Athens
Corfu Municipal Theatre, Corfu
Atelier “GROLLIO”, Papagou, Athens: December, every year

Creations by the artist were exhibited on a long-term basis at the Florence State School of Fine Arts from 1986, the Athens Municipality Cultural Centre from 1994 and the Corfu Municipal Gallery from 1996. Her work was included in "Greek Jewellery: 6000 Years of Tradition", a book by the Greek Ministry of Culture[2] published on the occasion of a major exhibition presenting the history of Greek jewellery through the ages, held at Villa Bianca in Thessaloniki in 1997. A selection of her work was also included in "Greek Jewellwery: 5000 Years of Tradition" published by the Hellenic Silver and Goldsmith Centre[3]


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