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Silver drachm of king Apollophanes (r. 35-25 BC).
Obv: Helmeted bust of king. Greek legend: BASILEOS SOTIROS APOLLOPHANOU "Saviour king Apollophanes".
Rev: Pallas with aegis and thunderbolt. Kharoshthi legend: MAHARAJASA TRATARASA APALAVINASA "Saviour king Apollophanes".

Apollophanes (reigned circa 35 BC - 25 BC) was an Indo-Greek king in the area of eastern Punjab in modern Pakistan. Little is known about him, except for some of his remaining coins.

He was one of the last Indo-Greek kings, and probably fought against the invasions of the Indo-Scythians.

Sir W.W. Tarn

Sir Tarn dates Apollophanes to about 70 BC, classing him alongside Apollodotus II, Zoilos II, and Dionysios as sub-kings or successors of Strato I.

Prof. Ahmad Hasan Dani

Professor Dani dates Apollophanes much earlier then Bopearachchi as well as Tarn, between the years 100 and 85 BC, making him the ruler of the Swat and Dir Valleys. He also considers him a successor of Dionysios (115-100 BC), a predecessor of Theophilus (95-80 BC), and a contemporary of Zoilos (100-80 BC) and Artemidoros (100-80 BC), though he also sets apart Peukalos and Telephus as his contemporaries in a separate 'Western' dynasty

Dr. A.K. Narain

Dr. Narain, like Professor Dani, also dates Apollophanes much earlier then Bopearachchi and even Tarn; between 95-80 BC.

Indo-Greek Ruler (Eastern Punjab) (35 - 25 BC)

Preceded by: Zoilos II

Succeeded by: Strato II

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