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Antimenes painter, Greek vase painter, flourished circa 530-510 BC. One of the most prolific black-figure artists of Athens he is named after a Kalos inscription exalting Antimenes on a hydria (Leiden, Rijksmus. Oudhd., PC 63). 140 pieces of his are known.

Hermes and Athene protect Ajax while he brings back the dead Achilles to the Greek camp, 520-510 v. Chr.

Achilles, Troilos Staatliche Antikensammlungen 1722

Psykter, Warrior, Louvre F319 (Manner of the AntimenesPainter)

Antimenes, BM B226


Johannes Burow: Der Antimenesmaler, von Zabern, Mainz 1990 (Forschungen zur antiken Keramik. Reihe 2, Kerameus. Bd. 7) ISBN 3-8053-1029-3

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