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Coin of Antimachus II (160-155 BC) [Source].

Obv: Goddess Nike with a victory plam in the right hand and a royal diadem in the left hand. Greek legend: BASILEOS NIKEFOROY ANTIMAXOY "Victorious King Antimachus".

Rev: Antimachus riding a horse, helmetted. Kharoshthi legend: MAHARAJASA JAYADHARASA AMTIMAKHASA "Victorious King Antimachus".

Antimachus II was a Greco-Bactrian king. He ruled on a vast territory from the Hindu-Kush to the Punjab around 170 BC. He was almost certainly identical with the eponymous son of Antimachus I, who is known from a unique preserved tax-receipt. He seems to have ruled areas to the east of his father, and is one of very few kings who did not strike portraits - this possibly reflects his status as junior co-regent.

Like his father, Antimachus II was eliminated by the conquests of king Eucratides. According to Bopearachchi Antimachus II shares a mintmark with Plato, co-regent of Eucratides, and since the latters coins are dated 167-165 BC, this suggests that Antimachus II ended his reign around 167 BC.

Preceded by:
Antimachus I
Greco-bactrian Ruler
(Paropamisadae, Arachosia, Gandhara, Punjab)
(c. 172-167 BCE)
Succeeded by:

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