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Alekos Livaditis (Greek: Αλέκος Λειβαδίτης, 1914 – March 23, 1980) was a Greek actor in theatre and cinema. He was the son of Lissandros.


He was a graduate of the Central Trade School. His first appearance was in the movie To tragoudi tou horismou (The Divorce Song). He also played in Voice of the Heart (1942), I vila me ta noufara (1944), Gambros me dossis (1947), O emiris ke o kakomiris (1963), etc. He took part in the empty hermitage as he disappeared from prose theater with Christoforos Nezer and Anna Lori in 1948 at the Akropol. From then he participated in great acts including Kalouta-Krevata-Rena Dor in 1949, Kalouta only in 1950 and later with Orestis Makris, Vassilis Avlonitis, Nikos Stavridis, Rena Vlachopoulou, K. Hadjihristou, Kaiti Diridaua and Sofia Vebo in many musical presentations and comedies.

He began writing articles in 1949 elsewhere in Egypt, Cyprus, Istanbul in which he done in 1951 until 1951. From 1968 until 1971, he done many articles in all of the cities in Greece.

Livaditis was also a director in the movie 100,000 Pounds, he was a member of the Greek Actors Guild (SEI), and president of the SEI Revenue Countil. He was awarded by George II of Greece with a metal during the Albanian War along with King Paul for his presentation in Greece and around the world. He was also awarded by the Patriarchate of Alexandria. He lived alone in the Votaniko neighbourhood in Athens and died there in 1980, aged 75.
[edit] Selected filmography
Year Film Transliteraion and translation Role
1950 To tragoudi tou horismou Το τραγούδι του χωρισμού
The Divorce/Separation Song -
1943 Voice of the Heart Η φωνή της καρδιάς
I foni tis kardias garsoni in a tavern
1945 I vila me ta noufara Η βίλα με τα νούφαρα -
1945 Rayismenes kardies Ραγισμένες καρδιές
Breakable Heart? -
1946 Papoutsi apo ton topo sou Παπούτσι από τον τόπο σου -
1948 100,000 Pounds 100.000 λίρες
100.000 lires Frixos
1950 Stratiotes dichos stoli Στρατιώτες δίχως στολή Mihalis
1960 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Η Χιονάτη και τα 7 γεροντοπαλίκαρα
I Hionati ke ta 7 gerondopalikara Omiros Alexandrou, musician
1963 The Lazy Dog Το τεμπελόσκυλο
To tebeloskylo Romylos/Romilos
1963 Treloi polyteleias Τρελοί πολυτελείας Lazaros
1964 O emiris ke o kakomiris Ο εμίρης και ο κακομοίρης Iskandar/Gerassimos Kapatos
1967 Miniskirt and Karate Μίνι φούστα και καράτε
Mini fousta ke karate Leon Kollarios
1978 Apo pou pana gia ti havouza; Από πού πάνε για τη χαβούζα; Giorgos Papathanassis
1980 Thanassi, sfixe ki allo to zonari Θανάση, σφίξε κι άλλο το ζωνάρι Charalambos Xezoumidis
1980 A Taste of Greece Γεύση από Ελλάδα
Gefsi apo Elada -


"Who's Who 1979" pg 360

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