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Alcander, a Lacedaemonian youth, who accidentally put out one of the eyes of Lycurgus, and was generously forgiven by the sage.


Plutarch Lycurgus:

This law was more than the rich could stand, so one day they got together and complained. Angry words were followed by rocks, and Lycurgus had to run for his life. He managed to outrun all of his assailants except one young man named Alcander. When Lycurgus turned to see who was behind him, Alcander hit him in the face with a stick, blinding one eye. The others caught up and saw Lycurgus with his bloody face and ruined eye. They were ashamed at what Alcander had done, and they gave him to Lycurgus for punishment. Lycurgus thanked them for saving him, then he took Alcander into his house as his servant.

In this position, Alcander had a chance to see how gentle and hard-working Lycurgus was, and from being an enemy he became an admirer and a friend. Alcander told his friends and relatives that Lycurgus was not as bad as they thought he was, but rather the most gentle man in the world. Thus did Lycurgus make this wild and violent young man one of the best citizens of Sparta.

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