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Aeschrion ( greek Αἰσχρίων, Αισχρίων ο Σάμιος), an iambic poet, a native of Samos. He is mentioned by Athenaius (vii. p. 296, f. viii. p. 335, c.), who has preserved some choliambic verses of his, in which he defends the Samian Philaenis against Polycrates, the Athenian rhetorician and sophist. Some of his verses are also quoted by Tzetzes (ad Lycophr. 638). There was an epic poet of the same name, who was a native of Mitylene and a pupil of Aristotle, and who is said to have accompanied Alexander on some of his expeditions. He is mentioned by Suidas (s. v.) and Tzetzes (Chil. viii. 406). As he was also a writer of iambics and choliambies, many scholars have supposed him to be identical with the Samian Aeschrion, and to have been called a Mitylenaean in consequence of having resided for some time in that city. (Schneidewin, Delectus Poctarum iambie. et inclicorum Graec.; Jacobs, Anth. Graec. xiii. 831.)

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