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Abron or Habron


Son of the Attic orator Lycurgus. (Plut. Vit dec. Orat. p. 843.)

2. 1 he son of Callias, of the deme of Bate in Attica, wrote on the festivals and sacrifices of the Greeks. (Steph. Byz. s. v. Bate.) He also wrote a work peri paronymon, which is frequently referred to by Stephanus Byz. {s.v. ' Agathe Argos) and other writers.

3. A grammarian, a Phrygian or Rhodian, a pupil of Tryphon, and originally a slave, taught at Rome under the first Caesars. (Suidas, s. v. Abron.)

4. A rich person at Argos, from whom the proverb Abronos bios, which was applied to extravagant persons, is said to have been derived. (Suidas, s. V.)

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