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Abantidas (in Greek Aβαντιδας), the son of Paseas, became tyrant of the ancient Greek city-state of Sicyon after murdering Cleinias, the father of Aratus, 264 BC.1 He either banished or put to death his friends and relations; Aratus, who was then only seven years old, narrowly escaped death.2 Abantidas was fond of literature, and was accustomed to attend the philosophical discussions of Deinias and Aristotle, the dialectician, in the agora of Sicyon: on one of these occasions, with the complicity of the two rhetors, he was murdered by his enemies (251 BC). He was succeeded in the tyranny by his father, who was put to death by Nicocles.3


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There is also in Erythrae a temple of Athena Polias and a huge wooden image of her sitting on a throne; she holds a distaff in either hand and wears a firmament on her head. That this image is the work of Endoeus we inferred, among other signs, from the workmanship, and especially from the white marble images of Graces and Seasons that stand in the open before the entrance. Pausanias

Pausanias 2.8:

A few years afterwards Abantidas became tyrant. Before this time Cleinias had met his death, and Aratus went into exile, either of his own accord or because he was compelled to do so by Abantidas. Now Abantidas was killed by some natives, and his father Paseas immediately became tyrant.

He was killed by Nicocles, who succeeded him


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This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology by William Smith (1867).

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