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1783. Votive amphiglyphon. Pentelic marble.

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Found in Neo Phaleron, Attica. On one side, the center of the
relief is occupied by the horned Kephisos. At left Artemis is shown
opposite a god; at right stand three Nymphs. According to the
inscription on the epistyle, the relief was dedicated to Hermes and
the Nymphs. The other side depicts the abduction
of the Nymph Basil by the hero Echelos. Hermes, holding a painted
whiplash in his right hand drives the chariot that transports the
two figures.
The names of the three figures are inscribed on the epistyle
above the image: Hermes, Echelos, Basile. The relief was erected
on a tall, inscribed poros base.
The inscription on the base indicated that the relief
as well as an altar were dedicated by Kephisodotos, son of Demogenes
ca 410. B. C.

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