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Veligosti (Greek: Βελιγοστή, before 1918: Σαμαρά - Samara[1]) is a settlement in the municipal unit of Falaisia, Arcadia, Greece. It is situated on a low hill, on the left bank of a tributary of the river Alfeios. It is 2 km west of Leontari, 3 km north of Ellinitsa, 4 km east of Paradeisia and 9 km south of Megalopoli.

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Year Population
1981 175
1991 98
2001 131

Veligosti was founded during the Byzantine era and the ruins of the Byzantine settlement and a tower are still visible today. During the Frankish period, according to the Chronicle of the Morea, Geoffrey I Villehardouin made it a barony (one of the twelve in the Peloponnese). The barony was destroyed in about 1300, and during the Ottoman period it lost its importance.

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The Franks in the Peloponnese, H. F. Tozer, Journal of Hellenic Studies, Vol. 4, 1883 (1883), pp. 165-236

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