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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Argolida

Seliana (Greek: Σελιάνα)[1] also known as Phelloe (Greek: Φελλόη) is a village in the municipal unit of Aigeira, in the eastern part of Achaea, north Peloponnese, Greece. The village is built at an altitude of ~750 m on the foothills of the fir forest of Sarantapikho and on the eastern slope of the valley of river Krios. The village had a population of 305 [2] in 2001. Aigeira is 10 km to the north, and Kalavryta is 21 km to the west. Seliana is connected by a 19 km road that leads to the town of Aegeira and the Greek National Road 8A, Athens - Corinth - Aigeira - Patras.

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The village of Seliana coincides with ancient Phelloe, a small town of ancient Greece described in Pausanias book "Description of Greece - Achaea"[3][4] Turning right at the 18,5 km a small road drives to the remnants of ancient Phelloe. Beside a large platanus tree (trunk circumference 4.5 metres) and beside the old chapel of St. Basil are the ruins of ancient buildings.

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^ Info about the village of Seliana - from the official information gate to greek rural tourism (Greek)
^ National Statistical Service of Greece - Census 2001 (PDF, Greek)
^ Pausanias, Description of Greece, 7.26.10-11 (Perseus Project Digital Library - University of Tufts)
^ Photo of a three-legged lebes (725-700 B.C.) found in Seliana (Archaeological museum of Aigion)

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