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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Achaia

Riolos (Greek: Ριόλος), is a village in Achaea, Greece. Riolos is connected with a main road linking Kareika and Spata which one part of the road is narrowed with one lane and are surrounded by buildings. Riolos is between the plain to the northwest and the Movri mountain to the southeast. GR-9/E55 is accessed with three routes, E of Varda, about 6 km S of Lappa and SW of Gomosto. The panorama of the northwestern part of Achaia and the northernmost part of the prefecture of Ilia can be seen at the mountains though it is also a part of the Achaia prefecture. Riolos is located about 45 km SW of Patras, about 60 km SW of the Rio-Antirio Bridge, about 6 to 8 km S of Sageika, about 63 to 65 km NE of Pyrgos and about 35 km (old: 40 km) from Kyllini. Until the 20th century, southwest and south of Riolos were bounded with the prefecture of Ilia which is now part of Larissos and is bounded entirely with the Larissos river.

Nearest places

Kagkadi, west and northwest
Krinos, northeast
Peta, northwest
Spata, southwest

Historical population
Year Population
1981 757
1991 708
2001 798


Mixed farming along with pastures dominates the northwest and the north. Several forests covers the farmlands. The forests of Movri mainly consisting of a few trees and grasslands lies to the south. Several trees and some farms are on the mountain. A communications tower is over a part of the slope of Movri which is connected with an unused road. A power line or a transformer of DEI linking Pyrgos and Patras runs to the north with a line north of Riolos. A small line connecting electricity with a length of about 5 km runs northwest to near Lappa and supplies hydro to northwestern Achaia.


Riolos was ruled by the Ottoman Turks and became a part of Greece after the Greek War of Independence. A few months into the revolution a small battle took place, which was victorious for the Greek side. One of the leaders of the Greeks was Thallis Theodoridis the Elder. Riolos adopted its current name in the early 20th century. After World War II and the Greek Civil War, some of its buildings were rebuilt.


Riolos has a primary school, a middle school, a high school, a few churches, a police station and a square (plateia). The nearest train station is in Lappa. Football (soccer) teams include Panmovriakos, currently ,playing in the prefectural third division.

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