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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Achaia

Planitero (Greek, Modern: Πλανητέρο, Katharevousa: -ον) is a village in the municipality of Lefkasio, Achaea, Greece. It is situated 6 km from the Kalavryta-Tripoli Road and connects the road with nearby Elatofyto and the Chelmos (Aroania) mountains. Its population is 354 people (2001 census). Its elevation is 700 m.

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Nearest places

Elatofyto, east
Armpounas, southeast
Agios Vlasios, southwest
Kastria, west

Year Population
1981 276
1991 258
2001 354

Location and transportation

Planitero is located southwest of Xilokastro, west of Athens, NNW of Tripoli, northeast of Pyrgos, southeast of Patras and SSE of Kalavryta.

The village has about 6 km of paved road, 6 km of gravel road and has about 7 km of hydro and phone lines.


Much of the area are mountainous and are also forested with pine, cypresses and cedars, farmlands are around the village and some of the areas are grassy. The Aroanios River flowing from the Chelmos mountains and the Aroanios springs is in the south and another that flows through the village and also a mountaintop elevating 1,934 m is 3 km to the north.


After World War II and the Greek Civil War, emigration occurred at a higher rate until the 1970s, the village recovered the population between 1991 and 2001. Planitero became connected with asphalt in the 1980s. Electricity, radio and automobiles were introduced in the mid-20th century, television in the late-20th century and computer and internet at the turn of the millennium. Still today, its homes and other buildings are built out of stone and is one of the Kalavryta area's most beautiful village and receives and received several builders.

In the late-1990s, the ex-community (now a village and a municipal district) joined to become the newly formed municipality of Lefkasio, it changed to Kleitoria in 2007, the current name.

More about Planitero

Also the village features a fountain and a monumental tree. There is an elementary school, a church and a square. The nearest high school is in Kalavryta.


Its economy is mainly based on agricultural products.

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