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At Phylakopi, a coastal site on Melos a settlement with proto-urban features was founded in Early Cycladic times (Phylakopi I, 2300 - 2000 B.C.) and grew into a flourishing city in the 2nd millennium B.C.
At the settlement of Phylakopi I, pottery was predominantly monochrome burnished or decorated with painter linear motifs and rarely with representation of birds. The inhabitants used 'table ware' vases : bowls and small vessels for drinking and pouring liquids (jugs, cups, askos).

Map of the Cyclades

In Late Cycladic I (1650 - 1550 B.C.) the city of Phylakopi on Melos was rebuilt with a stong fortification wall (Phylakopi III) Crete dominated in the Aegean and the harbour of Phylakopi is integrated into the minoan sea-trade network. Painted pottery with floral pattern from the city illustrates strong minoan stylistic influences. Minoan ritual practices are adopted as indicated by the presense of ritual vessels of minoan types: rhyta and incense burners.

5782 : Ceramic cylinder, painted representation of fishermen

5804 : Pithos fragment decorated with crocus flowers and net patterns

5818 : Spherical jug with spiral and floral decoration

9892 : Model of a ship or boat

Phylakopi, Phylakopi, Phylakopi,

Phylakopi, Phylakopi, Phylakopi,

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