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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Ilia

Peristeri (Greek, Modern: Περιστέρι, Katharevousa: -ον -on meaning pidgeon) is a Greek village located 15 km east of Amaliada, southwest of Simopoulo and north of Pyrgos. Peristeri had a 2001 population of 540 for the village and 452 for the municipal district. Peristeri is in the municipal unit of Amaliada. Peristeri is connected with the road linking with Amaliada and Simopoulo.

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Its residents are based in agriculture and other jobs, factories are not found in Manolada.



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Peristeri is situated in a hilly and mountains setting that stretches from the Ionian sea to near Simopoulo, its mountain ranges are to the south. Farmlands are within the village and valley areas. Its main production are olive, citrus and cattle along with fruits and vegetables and others. The majority of the population are rural-based, the rest work on services as well as a growing number on agricultural factories. The population had left for larger cities and outside Greece but an increase in population did not see a large emigration.

Residential and other buildings are within the main and farm roads and stretches up to 500 m and 1 km.


After World War II and the Greek Civil War, buildings were rebuilt. Until the 1960s, houses were built out of stone and for the first time received electricity and other needs. Machinery, radio and automobiles were followed in the 1970s and it was connected with pavement for the first time. Television arrived in the 1980s as well as other needs and saw expansion of the town by its nearby beach. In the beginning of the 21st century, Internet was received in some homes in the town but it does not post its website. The population has been growing since the 1970s and the 1980s.

Year Village population Municipal district population
1981 528 -
1991 406 -
2001 452 540

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