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Pelasgia (land of Pelasgians) in ancient Greek historical geography may be an earlier toponym of:

Greece (Hellas)[1]
Larissa Cremaste a city in Phthiotis, South Thessaly,[4] where the historical Pelasgiotis district existed also till Late antiquity.

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^ Ionic Greek: Pelasgiê , Herodotus 2.56.1 the place where this woman was sold in what is now Hellas, but was formerly called Pelasgia, was Thesprotia
^ Pausanias, 8.4.1 After "the king Arcas" the land was called Arcadia instead of Pelasgia and its inhabitants Arcadians instead of Pelasgians
^ Natural History (Pliny) 4.4 The Peloponnesus, which was formerly called Apia and Pelasgia
^ Strabo, Geographica 9. 5. 13,19 it is also called Larisa Pelasgia

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