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Opountia (Greek: Οπουντία) is a former municipality in Phthiotis, Greece with an area 129,534 sqm and a population of 4,326 inhabitants. Since the 2011 local government reform, it is a part of the municipality Lokroi, of which it is a municipal unit.[1] The seat of the municipality was Martino (pop. 3,005 in 2001). Martino is located in southeast hilly side of the prefecture of Phthiotis, on three hills. It has an altitude of 210 m and is located 121 km from Athens. The terrain is mountainous and the climate too good. The human habitation in accordance with the University of Athens in the Aegean archaeological atlas goes back to 2rd to 3rd millennium BC. Ancient city from which they originated Martino is Paliochori, 800 meters SE of the village and identified with ancient Voumelitea. It was a town of Opountii Lokri involving in the most important stages of history (Troy, Thermopylae, Artemisio) and found a peak in the 4th-3rd century BC. In modern history from that old village came Martino, Larymna, Pyrgos and Loutsi. Many of the older residents of these villages have been born to Martino and left it with their parents at an early age. The limits of Martino that time were: Skorponeria - north side of Copais - Railway Station of Davlia. During the struggle for the liberation of Greece from the Turks, Martino gave the home for a brilliant victory at the Battle of Martino. On 29 January, 1829 the residents of Martino united with the chieftains and Vassos Mavrovouniotis battalion defended the village and gave battle crashing Mahmud Pasha's troops, leaving 300 people dead. Martino's economy is based on corn and cotton production. In 2007, its football team, AS Opountios, was promoted into the Greek National Conference League D Division. 'Opountia' also includes the village of Larymna (pop. 1,235 in 2001), where is located the factory "Larco" (mining and iron/nickel production units, that is being for long time a major working area for the local people.

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^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

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