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Administrative Region : North Aegean
Regional unit : Chios

Oinousses (Greek: Οινούσσες), alternative forms: Aignoussa (Αιγνούσα) or Egnoussa(Εγνούσα) is a barren cluster of 1 larger and 8 smaller islands some 2 km off the north-east coast of the Greek island of Chios and 8 km west of Turkey. Administratively the islands form a municipality within the Chios peripheral unit, which is part of the North Aegean Periphery. The principal town of the islands and seat of the municipality is also called Oinousses.[1] Oinousses has a small resident population, living primarily in the islands' town of Oinoússes (pop. 999), and a recently built monastery. The town is centred around a square (plateia) and a small port; it includes a school, several churches, a Naval high school and a maritime museum. The only other populated settlements are Kástron (pop. 32) and Aspalathrókampos (19).

Oinousses, Greece

The vast majority of the workforce of the island is engaged in seafaring, fishing and goat-herding.

The islands are noted as the origin of an unusual cluster of successful ship-owning families: the Lemos, Pateras, Hadjipateras, Kollakis and Lyras families. Whilst most of the families now live elsewhere most of the year, the islands and town are well maintained with a strong naval connection. Oinoussians abroad are noted for their successful entrepreneurial skills in the industrial transportation industry. Although the number of Oinoussian ship operating companies has fallen since their heyday in the 1960s they still maintain a formidable position in the industrial transportation industry.

Old maps have also show the islands under the name of Spalmadores, while the Ottomans referred to them as Kujun-Adassi.

Historical population
Year Population
1981 705
1991 636
2001 1,050

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Battle of the Oinousses Islands in 1695 between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice
List of settlements in the Chios prefecture


^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

Municipality Oinousses

(Seat: Οινούσσαι, αι)
Agios Panteleimon (Άγιος Παντελεήμων Οινουσσών, ο (νησίς))
Archontoniso (Αρχοντόνησο Οινουσσών, το (νησίς))
Aspalathrokampos (Ασπαλαθρόκαμπος Οινουσσών, ο)
Vatos (Βάτος Οινουσσών, η (νησίς))
Gadros (Γάδρος Οινουσσών, ο (νησίς))
Gaidouronisos (Γαϊδουρόνησος Οινουσσών, η (νησίς))
Kastro (Κάστρον Οινουσσών, το)
Malliaropetra (Μαλλιαρόπετρα Οινουσσών, η (νησίς))
Monaftis (Μονάφτης Οινουσσών, ο (νησίς))
Νησί Παναγιάς Οινουσσών, το (νησίς)
Νησί Πίττας Οινουσσών, το (νησίς)
Οινούσσαι Οινουσσών, αι (νησίς)
Παπαποντικάδικο Οινουσσών, το (νησίς)
Pateroniso (Πατερόνησο Οινουσσών, το (νησίς))
Pontikonisi (Ποντικονήσι Οινουσσών, το (νησίς))
Πρασονήσια Οινουσσών, τα (νησίς)
Σάντα Παναγιά Οινουσσών, η (νησίς)

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