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Nea Zichni (Greek: Νέα Ζίχνη, Bulgarian: Зиляхово, Zilyahovo,[1][2][3] Turkish: Zihne[4]) is a municipality in the Serres peripheral unit, of Central Macedonia periphery, Greece. Population 15,073 (2001). Nea Zichni is also the name of the administrative seat of the municipality. Population 2,421 (2001).

Division of the former municipality of Nea Zichni:


Mavrolofos (in Greek from "Black hill") is a village founded mainly by refuges after the Minor Asia catastrophe.


Mesorrachi is a village known in the past as Rachova until in 1930 it was renamed. In 1916 it was attacked by the Bulgarians only a few of the mens of the village survived. The current population is mainly from refuges from Minor Asia after the 1922 events.

Nea Petra

Nea Petra is a city founded by refuges from the Thracian city Petra after the Minor Asia catastrophe


Sfelinos is a village earlier known as Sfolenos


The municipality Nea Zichni was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 2 former municipalities, that became municipal units:[7]

Nea Zichni

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