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The Mornos River (Greek:Potamos Mornou) is a river that flows in the Fokida and Aitoloakarnania prefectures in Greece. Its source originates from the Oitis mountains

The Mornos reservoir, seen from the northwest.
Origin Fokida and Aitoloakarnania prefectures
Length approximately 60 to 70 km
Mouth elevation Gulf of Corinth
Basin area Gulf of Corinth


The river begins in the Oiti mountains near the Fthiotida prefecture to the north, it flows through the village of Marmarolithi and into several villages in a valley rich in forest, it enters the Mornos Dam which supplies water to the prefecture and a part of the river for nearly 6 km is the Mornos Reservoir or the Mornos Lake. It flows west of Lidoriki and into a forested valley and the old GR-48 runs within its valley for the entire length and the rest of the length forms a boundary with the Aitoloakarnania prefecture, it flows near the villages and towns of Trikorfo, Dafni and between Kastraki and Nafpaktos and it empties to the west of the Gulf of Corinth about 1 km south of the GR-48/E65.

Places within the river

  • Mavrolithi
  • Trikorfo
  • Dafni


The Mornos Reservoir was constructed in the mid-20th century, it took away nature and forests around the lake and added a dam located one kilometre from the road linking to the villages of the Vardousia mountains. It took a few years to complete and it supplies water around the prefecutre as well as a part of the Fthiotida and Viotia prefectures.

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