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Administrative Region : South Aegean
Regional unit : Rhodos

Malonas (Μαλώνας ) is a on the island of Rhodes, South Aegean region.

According to the 2011 census it has 972 inhabitants and with the implementation of the Kallikratis program since 2011 together with Haraki they constitute the Municipal Community of Malonas of the Municipal Unit of Archangelos of the Municipality of Rhodes [2].

Malonas is located SE of Rhodes, in the interior of the island, in a beautiful and fertile valley and is 35 km from the city of Rhodes [3]. It is built on the provincial road Archangelos - Masari, between the rivers Ha and Plataneros, which dry up in summer [4]. Its inhabitants are engaged in the cultivation of citrus fruits and oils and their area on the island is famous for the oranges and the oil they produce [4] [3]. The name comes from the ancient word "Mileon" which means "fertile place". The patron saint of the village is Agia Irini, which is decorated with beautiful frescoes. The frescoes of Agios Georgios Plakotos (11th century) are interesting [5].


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