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Periphery: Crete
Prefecture : Rethymno

Loutra (Greek: Λουτρά or Λούτρα Ρεθύμνου) is a medieval village of central Crete, Rethymno peripheral unit, Arkadi municipal unit. It is situated 2 km from the bay of Rethymnon and 8 km from the town of Rethymnon. Although at a distance of only a few kilometres from the town of Rethymnon, it has preserved its own characteristics. The village lies on the main road from Pigi to Arkadi and continuing eastwards for a further 1.5 km. Loutra is referred to by the same name (Lutra) in Venetian sources of the 16th century. The village owes its name to the baths ( Loutrà in Greek) of the inhabitants of the village Aliakes which was close but is not saved today. Elsewhere in parallel sources it is called Lustra or Lucia. Loutra is situated in the midst of olive groves, and is characterized by its narrow cobbled streets and bougainvillea plants, Venetian buildings and the blazons of the Kallergi family (or Calergi).

Visitors of Loutra have the opportunity to visit the fabrika (old oil mill), which was used a few decades ago for oil pressing. It is worthwhile taking a stroll through the alleyways of the village, with their stone houses and flower-decked balconies. The visitor can see the medieval fountain with the Turkish inscription, and at the house of Ilias Spantidakis (aka Louis Tikas), leader of a workers' union of coalminers in Colorado, USA. In the central square of the village of Loutra is found the Villa Kallergi. The village was once occupied by a number of Ottoman Turks who were replaced in 1922 by immigrants from Asia Minor (Anatolia). Outside the village, a little track leads to the church of Ayios Pandeleimon and the memorial to Loutra inhabitants executed by the Nazis during the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II. The Monasteries of Arkadi and Arsani complete this scenery.

House of Louis Tikas in the village of Loutra ,

  • Mesi / Δ.δ. Μέσης [ 362 ]
    • Mesi / η Μέση [ 81 ]
    • Agia Trias / η Αγία Τριάς [ 37 ]
    • Loutra / η Λούτρα [ 244 ]

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