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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Ilia

Katakolo (Greek: Κατάκολο; before the 1970s: Κατάκολον or Katakolon) is a seaside town in western Ilia in the municipality of Pyrgos. It is located south of Patras and Dounaiika, 12 km off downtown Pyrgos, west of Olympia and northwest of Messenia. The town centre is on a headland overlooking the Ionian Sea and separating the Kyparissian Gulf from the rest of the Ionian.

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 Δυτική Ελλάδα - Ηλεία - Το Κατάκολο Κατάκολο, Ηλεία


Nearest places

Skafidi (northeast)
Pyrgos (east)


Agios Andreas

Historical population
Year Population of Katakolo
1991 594
2001 601

About Katakolo
The main street

It has a small port which is the main port of Pyrgos, a school, restaurants, a church and a town square. Most impressive is surely the visit to the Municipal Museum of Ancient Greek Technology which holds 150 operating reconstructions of mechanisms and inventions of the ancient Greeks covering the period from 2000 B.C. to 100 A.D. A railway called the Katakolo-Pyrgos line goes to Katakolo. Small hills with forests surround Katakolo. Katakolo is situated on a peninsula and has a lighthouse founded southwest. The Lighthouse Katakolo (Faros Katakolo) was first opened in 1865. The port is also a frequent stop for cruise ships on tours of the Ionian and Mediterranean seas, offering an opportunity for passengers to visit the site of Ancient Olympia. Consequently, many of the shops in the town centre are geared toward foreign tourists. The other main industries includes agriculture and services.

Several buildings were rebuilt after World War II and the Greek Civil War.

Katakolo has a small school, churches, a square(plateia) and a Port where cruise ships come for tourists to see Olympia.


Museum of Ancient Greek Technology by Kostas Kotsanas, in Katakolo
Museum of the Ancient Greek Musical Instruments by Kostas Kotsanas, in Katakolo


Yiannis Latsis (1910-2003) shipping tycoon

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