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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Achaia

Kalogria (Καλόγρια) Achaia

Kalogria (Greek: Καλογριά) is a place in the municipality of Larissos in the western part of Achaia. It is located about about 55 km WSW of the Rio-Antirio bridge, 260 km W of Athens, about 4 km W of Araxos, 42 km W of Patras, 6 km N of Lappa and 64 km (old: 70 km) N of Pyrgos.

Nearest places

  • Paralimni, N
  • Araxos, W
  • Lappa, S
  • Metochi, SSW



  • Latitude: 38.143 (38°10'35') N
  • Longitude: 21.367 (21°22'5') E

Postal code: 270 52

Elevation: sea level, about 220 m NE

Dialing code: +11+30-26930-3 (030-26930)-3

Historical population

Year Communal population
1981 -
1991 32

Its nearest school is in Metochi.

Kalogria is famous for its sandy beaches. The beaches extend north to the nearest climbing areas. There are more than 80 climbing routes in the mountain range of Mavros Oros. The famous resort of Kalogria Beach is near the beach. It is connected with the Ionian Sea and has the view of Aitolia-Acarnania and the southern Ionian Islands. The view of Oxeia and the Echinades islandes face to the NW. The setting of Kalogria is located west of the mountain and a cliff/bluff? is east of Kalogria and its landscape is rocky and bushy. Forests dominate much of the northern and the central part and the southern part which includes pineless trees (willow tree?). The forests includes a small lake. The forests extend to east of Kalogria where the farmlands are to the east. Wetlands used to dominate the western part. The rest of the land are used for farming. The road linking to Paralimni is not for use and is unpaved.

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