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Kalliopi (Greek: Καλλιόπη) is a settlement in the Greek island of Limnos near Livadochori, it is in the municipality of Moudros. Its 2001 population was 264 for the settlement.

Nearest places

* Kontopouli, northwest

Year Settlement population
1981 357
1991 359
2001 334


The founding of the village dates back to around 1200. According to some sources, the founding (as Calliope) occurred during the time of Hephaestia. The village was first settled by Calliopi or Calle, in which it was the rich resident of Hephaestia, it as taken away due to the improper behavior. The ancient settlement is founded much closer to the sea near Ariones (Αριόνες) in which it features the ruins. From Kalliopi was the residence of the naval general Georgios Kapetanankis which he ran the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The Keros Gulf is the village's beach. The gulf is 3 km to the east and it had an important small port that used up to the late Medieval period. It took its name due to the location, it was like a horn. Several sources mentioned the village as Port Kharos.

The village features a lagoon known as Chortarolimni of Hortarolimni located 2 km south.


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