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Administrative Region : South Aegean
Regional unit : Rhodos

Kalathos (Κάλαθος) is a lowland village of Rhodes in the Dodecanese and is located at an altitude of 60 meters [1]. According to the 2011 census it has 671 inhabitants and with the implementation of the Kallikratis program since 2011 it is the Local Community of Gennadi of the Municipal Unit of South Rhodes of the Municipality of Rhodes [2].

Geography - Sights

Kalathos is located below Mount Kalathos and on the eastern beaches of the island of Rhodes, on the national road Rhodes - Lindos. It is 42 km from the city of Rhodes and just 5 km from the ancient city of Lindos. The beach of the village is sandy with fine gravel and extends to a length of 4 km with some parts of it being used commercially and others are public [3]. Between Kalathos and Lindos is the bay of Vlychon (the ancient Thermidro) with an organized beach and many modern hotel units [4]. History In the wider area of ​​Kalathos there were the Classes of the ancient municipality of Lindia. Stone remains from an ancient olive mill have been found in the ruins of Agios Ioannis as well as an altar of the Roman period. During the Middle Ages it served as a farm and pasture of Lindos. The rock-cut church of Panagia, in which there are 12th century frescoes, is also interesting [5].

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