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Administrative Region : Thessaly
Regional unit : Karditsa

Gelanthi (Γελάνθη) Karditsa

Gelanthi is a Greek mountain village located west of Karditsa in the western part of the Karditsa Prefecture. Gelanthi is in the municipality of Mouzaki. Gelanthi had a population of 542 in 2001. Its residents are based in agriculture.

Nearest places

Amygdali, northwest

Year Population
1981 540
1991 667
2001 542


Until today, the ancient city of Gelanthi was excavated on January 7, 1810 when ethe English archaeologist Leake passedt and headed to nearby Episkopi. He founded Gelanthi in which it had thirty houses.[1]

The two sultans passed into the hands of Liaka (Λιακά). The area was revolted by the Greek War of Independence but its local battle was crushed. It did not passed into Greek hands until finally in the Battle of Thessaly in 1881, and also passed into the hands of the farmer Nikos Zografou. The family lived in the village for forty years from 1881 until August 8, 1921, the calendar in which its people bought their villages for 4,991 Drachmas and 70 cents per side which retired in order to pay for their annual plan with the rate of around 6%, afrom Eleni of Solonas Chr. Zografou and the .

In that same period with 75 1/8 identical "families" parts and in 1985-86 saw their first reforestation. The information from Leake (30 houses) which drove into the passing in which the present village is built in that spot before 1810 in which it had one family, the village actually had 20 houses with the room of Zografou.

It sultan also brought one water ceramic (a canal with water) from the springs of Agios Georgios and Mavrommati before the liberation and annexation to Greece in 1881. The canal flows into the area in which it was the same sympathy that ran the same to the people. The canal which was given to the Gelanthiotes and Mavrommati until 1930.


^ Thessaly From 1805-1810, from the calendar of the English adventurer William Leake (also translated into Greek by Stathi Volos 1969 p. 135

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