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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Serres

Gazoros or Gazorus (Greek: Γάζωρος) was a town mentioned by Ptolemy to be in the region of Edonis or Odomantike.[1] Later in the 4th century BC, it was annexed to the Macedonian kingdom and made a polis[2][3] under Phillip II of Macedon or the Antigonids.[4] Artemis Gazoria or Gazoreitis was worshiped all over the region till Roman times. Gazoros is currently located in Greece[5] 3 km to the east of the modern village with the same name.[6] The modern town Gazoros is part of the municipality Nea Zichni, in the Serres regional unit.

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Gazoros is a village , earlier known as Porna, it was renamed in the year 1926 after an acient city in the region. The village was attacked by Bulgarians in the period 1916/8.


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