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Emmanouil Pappas (Greek: Εμμανουήλ Παππάς ) is a municipality in the Serres peripheral unit, Greece. The seat of the municipality is in Chryso.[1] The municipality takes its name after a local historical figure who played an important part as a leader in the war of the Greek revolution against Ottoman rule. Sadly, he met his demise before freedom was attained. Emmanouel Pappas was born in the village that was previously called Dovista (Δοβίστα), probably of Slavic origin, though historians are uncertain of the exact root of that word. One conjecture involves the mispronunciation of the Latin 'Dove est', meaning 'where is it?', because, apparently, the village was undetectable from a distance.

Stamp of Emmanouil Pappas (or Papas), sculptrure the work of Nikos Perantikos

Emmanouil Pappas is a village c. 17 km east of Serres. The village was named after Emmanouil Pappas, a Greek hero of the war of indepence was born in Dovista in the year 1773. He was a father of 12 children, 9 boys and 3 girls. Three of his sons, Athanasios, Ioannis and Nikolaos Pappas died in the war. In the village is the church of Agios Athanasios. The brother of Emmanouil, Athanasios, was there a priest.

In 1916 c. 170 villagers were killed by Bulgarians (from the 200 taken as hostages).

Population of Emanouil Pappas

Year Population

1951 2.077
1961 2.049
1971 1.264
1981 1.130
1991 1.086
2001 1.121

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Division of the former municipality

The new municipality Emmanouil Pappas was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 2 former municipalities, that became municipal units:[1]

Emmanouil Pappas


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