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Domokos (Greek: Δομοκός) is a town and a municipality in Phthiotis, Greece. The town Domokos is the seat of the municipality of Domokos[1] and of the former Domokos Province. The town is built on a mountain slope overlooking the plain of Thessaly, 36km from the city of Lamia.

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Battle of Domokos

In 1897, during the Greco-Turkish War, some Italian volunteers helped Greeks in the battle of Domokos: among them there was also one of the members of Italian Parliament, Antonio Fratti, who heroically died in fightening.

Domokos, 19th century

Domokos (*)


The municipality Domokos was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 3 former municipalities, that became municipal units:[1]


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Municipality of Domokos (Greek) (English)


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