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Christiana islets , Santorini and Christiana (the small islands SW)

Christiana (Χριστιανά Θήρας) is a set of Greek islands in the Cyclades.

Christiana are uninhabited volcanic islets, about 10 miles southwest of Santorini, which belong to the same volcanic complex of Santorini. The cluster consists of three islands:

Islet Christiani, is the northernmost of the cluster, located 9 miles southwest of Accra Akrotiri on Santorini.
Ascania the island is smaller than the previous 4 stadia south-southeast of Christiani and 1 mile NW of Eschati, about the middle of the channel between them and
the Eschati island that is the southernmost of the cluster, the first occurring during the voyage from Crete.

In the largest of these islands, the Christiani, there are remnants of human activity, such as old stone walls, threshing, old buildings and crops show that the island was formerly inhabited. Also identified the remains of the prehistoric period (late 3rd millennium BC). Christian considered very important habitat for migratory birds. The fauna includes the snake Telescopus fallax (cat snake) and lizard Cyrtodactylus kotschyi, which according to the Bern Convention and the Presidential Decree 67/1981 is a protected species. H flora of the islands includes grass Centaurea raphanina subsp. mixta (agkinaraki) and the plant Convolvulus pentapetaloides. Seabed around the islets identified hydrothermal wells.

Christiana islets , left : Askania , right: Christiani , Photo Klearchos P. Kapoutsis

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