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Central Zagori (Greek: Κεντρικό Ζαγόρι) is a municipality in the Ioannina Prefecture, Greece. Population 1601 (2001). The seat of the municipality is in Asprangeloi.

Division of the municipality


Dikoryfo is a small preserved traditional mountain settlement (alt. c. 1000m). It was known in the past as Tziontila, then it was renamed to Dikorfo and finally to Dikoryfo.


Dilofo, a traditional small mountain village (880 m), 35 km from Ioannina, before 1920 known as Sopotseli.


Dipotamo (or Dipotamon), a small mountain village (alt. 840) c. 53 km from Ioannina, known earlier as Stolovo


Elafotopos is a mountain village (1100 m) c. 42 km from Ioannina. In the past it was known as Tservari. It was renamed to Elafotopos ("place of the deers").


Elati is a mountain village (c. 960 m)

Kato Pedina

Kato Pedina (Κάτω Πεδινά) is a mountain village (c. 940 m), earlier it was known as Soudena (mentioned in a document of 1361) or Stoudena.

Monodendri, Zagori (Source)

Monodendri (or Monodendrion) is a mountain village (c. 1060 m). Monodenri "a single Tree", was named after a large fir tree in the region.

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