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The base of the Eponymous Heroes representing the tribes of Athens.

Το Μνημείο των Επώνυμων Ηρώων, β΄ μισό 4ου π.Χ.,

Copyright ©. Photo : Michael Lahanas (Μιχάλης Λαχανάς)

The Monument of the Eponymous Heroes, located in the Ancient Agora of Athens, Greece and adjacently situated near the Metroon (old Bouleuterion), was a marble podium that bore the bronze statues of the ten heroes representing the tribes of Athens. Being an important information center for the ancient Athenians, it was used as a monument where proposed legislation, decrees and announcements were posted.[1][2]

Monument of the Eponymous Heroes

Names of the ten heroes

Aegeus (Theseus' father)
Pandion II
Acamas (son of Theseus)
Cecrops II
Aias (Ajax)
Antiochus (a son of Heracles)


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