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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Aitoloakarnania

Alevrada (Greek: Αλευράδα) is a small village of Greece located in the North West part of Aetolia-Acarnania near the dam of the river Achelous and the artificial lake Kremasta. The village belongs to the municipal unit of Inachos. The village has about 117 inhabitants (see 2001 census results). The altitude of the village is 573 m. above sea level.

Alevrada is located on the provincial road GR-38 which connects Agrinio with Karpenisi and Lamia. Alevrada's boundaries are with the former communities: 1. Petrona to the West and 2. Triklino to the East. The Achelous River divided the area of the village from Tatarna (Evrytania prefecture) and the village of Chouni (Trichonida Province). The construction of the Kremasta dam (see below) over the Acheloos river and the formation of a huge artificial lake caused a dramatic decrease of the population of the area. This was due to the lost of land available for cultivation since most of it has been covered with water. In the area of Kremasta (where the famous "Jump of Katsantonis" was located) the Greek Electric Company (ΔΕΗ) constructed a huge dam (160 m. high) and the famous mineral thermal springs were covered under the dam. After the construction, the mineral water flowed down of the dam and the springs formed again at a place known to the local people as Gria Maria. Over the dam passes the provincial road which connects Alevrada with Chouni of the Trichonida province. This road is in bad condition. A new road which connects Alevrada with Evrytania through Tatarna Bridge has recently completed.


Alevrada appears as a community immediately after the war of independence and the coming of the king Otto. The origin of the name "Alevrada" is unknown. May be it derives from the word "Alevri" (which in Greek means flour) because of the flour mills which were scattered across the banks of the river Achelous. Another interpretation is that a person with the surname "Alevradas" was the first inhabitant of the place. The villagers cultivated as well a lot of corn fields due to the abundance of water from the river. So there was plenty of corn flour which can explain the name "Alevrada" (the village which has a lot of alevri = flour). During the war for independence there were very few people living in the area (mostly shepherds). That time the village was 2 kilometers far from today's place.The name "palichoraki = old village" reminds this event.


Alevrada village has 2 churches (΄Αγιος Γεώργιος και Κοίμηση της Θεοτόκου) but not a priest in a regular basis. It also has a small museum of regional significance. The school closed (some years ago) due to the lack of pupils. The population is about 77 (see 2001 census results.
Kremasta Sykias

Kremasta Sykias (Greek: Κρεμαστά Συκιάς) is a small settlement near the Kremasta dam on the river Acheloos, south of Alevrada. The altitude is 450 meters. The population is 20 (2001 census). Kremasta Sykias has a small church in the name of the "Agia Paraskevi".

Pistiana is a small settlement east of Alevrada. Pistiana is located 640 meters above the sea level. The population is 20 (2001 census).
Historical population
Year Population Change (village)
1961 700 (village) -
1981 341 (village) about -450/about - 57.37%
1991 185 (village) -156/-45.75%
2001 101 (village) -84/-45.405%

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Community Alevrada
Alevrada (Αλευράδα, η)
Kremasta Sykias (Κρεμαστά Συκιάς, τα)
Pistiana (Πιστιανά, τα)

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