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Agrafa (Greek: Άγραφα) is a village and a municipality in Evrytania, Central Greece. Its administrative center is the village Kerasochori.[1] It is named after the wide mountainous region of Agrafa, of which it occupies only the SW part.

It consists merely of villages and hamlets spread on the mountain slopes around the river Agrafiotis. Likewise the rest of Agrafa area, they are famous for their complete autonomy throughout the four centuries of Ottoman occupation of Greece, being home to many bands of fighters against the Ottoman rule; most notably of Antonis Katsantonis who is considered as the local hero.

The educational infrastructure consists of a primary and secondary school (see Education in Greece) located in Agrafa. The central road of the municipality is unpaved and winding. It extends from GR-38 (Karpenisi-Agrinio, intersection near Krentis) to the south, as far GR-30 (Karditsa-Arta, intersection in Mouzaki) to the north, passing through Tria Synora (the boundary between Evrytania and Karditsa Prefecture). Because of heavy snowfall, its central parts are often inaccessible in January and February.

Despite their natural beauty, the villages are still virgin from touristic exploitation. There are some basic facilities in the bigger villages - family-run hostels and taverns.


Division of the former municipality

Agrafa / T.δ. Αγράφων [1.065]

Agrafa / τα Άγραφα [616]
Gavrolisiada /η Γαβρολισιάδα [42]
Kamaria / τα Καμάρια [56]
Neraida / η Νεράιδα [32]
Palaiolakka / η Παλαιόλακκα [16]
Paramerita / η Παραμερίτα [175]
Petralon / τα Πετράλωνα [128]

Vraggiana / T.δ. Βραγγιανών [617]

Vraggiana / τα Βραγγιανά [285]
Valarion / το Βαλάριον [103]
Dendros / ο Δένδρος [38]
Elatos / ο Έλατος [67]
Karya / η Καρυά [23]
Koustesa / η Κουστέσα [101]

Epiniana / T.δ. Επινιανών [715]

Epiniana / τα Επινιανά [529]
Anifora / η Ανηφόρα [33]
Asprorrevma / το Ασπρόρρευμα [78]
Pteri / η Πτέρη [75]

Marathos / T.δ. Μαράθου [313]

Marathos / ο Μάραθος [181]
Katsantonis / ο Κατσαντώνης [44]
Selon / το Σέλον [88]

Monastirakion / T.δ. Μοναστηρακίου [353]

Monastirakion / το Μοναστηράκιον [256]
Kefalovryson / το Κεφαλόβρυσον [97]

Tridendron / T.δ. Τριδένδρου -- το Τρίδενδρον [177]

Trovaton / T.δ. Τροβάτου [451]

Trovaton / το Τροβάτον [346]
Agios Athanasios / ο Άγιος Αθανάσιος [83]
Kavakia / τα Καβάκια [22]

The new municipality Agrafa was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 5 former municipalities, that became municipal units (constituent communities in brackets):[1]


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^ a b Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

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