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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Achaia

Agios Vasileios (Greek: Άγιος Βασίλειος) is a village located in the municipal unit of Rio in the northern part of Achaea in the Peloponnese, Greece.

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The village is connected slightly northwest of the old GR-8 linking Patras and Corinth. The nearest interchange for the GR-8A highway is nearly 3 km SW via the roundabout. It is located about 4 km NE of Rio, about 10 km NE of Patras about 4 km ENE of the Rio-Antirio Bridge and 208 km W of Athens. The main streets include Miaouli Street.

Nearest places

Aktaio, southwest, and is partially bounded by Kanaris Street
Arachovitika, Northeast

Historical population
Year Population
1981 640
1991 1,491
2001 2,045


The area around Agios Vasileios has mainly groves with a few pasture lands and other types of crop surrounding the area while in the southwest, the central part and along the Gulf of Corinth are urbanized but most of the housing developments occurred in the 1980s and became a suburb of Patras. The population boomed and was one of the fastest growing communities in the prefecture between 1981 and 1991. Forests are sporadically founded including the northern part which is next to the factory and in the mountains. It is bounded by the highway GR-8A/E65 (Patras - Athens) which also accesses to GR-5/E55, GR-9/E55 and GR-48/E65 through the westbound lanes to its southeast and east. The mountains are to the east and another which was used for mining in the mid 20th century lies northeast. One is covered with bushes and the other is patternly. This mountain has some forest in the low lying areas and features a rest area facing the eastbound lanes of the GR-8A and has a Shell gas station, a Goody's restaurant. The view of the northern part of the Panachaiko with forests and deforested parts and the northwestern slope which includes the urban sprawl and the transmitter tower to the north, the southeastern part of Acarnania including Nafpaktia with Nafpaktos and southwestern Phokida is to the west and the Rio-Antirio bridge. There are some industrial buildings south of Agios Vasileios. A small stream which flows from the northern portion of the Panachaiko mountains lies to the west. Agios Vasileios is also famous for its beaches and its hotels lying near the central part. The beaches are not founded in the southwest and to the north. The shoreline is adjacent to a local road linking Rio and Agiovlastika. The new highway runs southeast and east of the community. It was constructed in the mid 20th century along with an interchange with two curves. It was opened a few years later.

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