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Administrative Region : South Aegean
Regional unit : Rhodos

Agios Isidoros (Άγιος Ισίδωρος) is a village on the island of Rhodes.

Agios Isidoros is located at the southern foot of Mount Attaviros and took its name from the church of the same name, which dominates the village square.
The village is mountainous and traditional agricultural. The few inhabitants are engaged in seasonal crops.
Archaeological sites in the area include the Sanctuary of Artemis (4th - 3rd century BC) which is probably located on the site of the monastery of Agios Ioannis Artamitis, as well as the monastery itself (10th century), which is a post-Byzantine temple built in place of earlier. The Artamitis Monastery with its famous library, was during the Middle Ages a place of theological and spiritual importance in difficult times, according to written sources.
To the west of the village, at Agros, is Eftavimati, ruins of a large Byzantine church.
It is possible to climb Attaviros by path. In the wider area, the natural springs of Soulountrania, Giergies, Koumbounou, Mylos create landscapes of special beauty.

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