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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Ilia

Agioi Theodoroi (Greek: Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) is a small hamlet in the community and municipal unit of Lechaina, Greece. The community sits on a road between Lechaina, and Mélissa and Bórsi. Distance from GR-9/E55 is 4 km.

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Nearest places

Ano Kourtesi (north and northeast)
Melissa (east)
Agios Georgios (southeast and southwest)
Lechaina (West)
Areti (northwest)

Year Population
1991 192
2001 175

About Agioi Theodoroi

The area has no school but has a church. Olive groves surround the area along with arable land, a large part is to the north and some in the south, farmlands are sporadically founded and a larger area to the east. It is bounded by an irrigation canal and a pump canal to the south which controls water level and supply at the same elevation of 30 m above sea level. Residential houses are divided into two parts. The western portion are residential and dominates that area, there is a street named Voreiou Ipeirou Street. The eastern portion has more residential houses and has only a road and a street and its residential houses align with it, its separation of the two is 1 km and is very few that its place length runs nearly 1.6 km long from east to west and only 100 m in width from north to south, the remainder of the houses are founded sporadically. In the early to mid-2000s, new suspended lamp posts were placed on all of its streets including the eastern portion replacing the common form of poles outside areas that does not have space, many lampposts put when electricity was introduced remain, it was only a few places ever to replace.

After World War II and the Greek Civil War, most of the population left for larger towns and cities especially the nearby Patras. Most of the buildings were not damaged. The population remained steady since the mid to late 20th century. Houses were stone-built until the 1950s and did not surpass modern-style homes until the 1980s. It was linked with pavement in the 1980s. The population stably grew between 1981 and 2001.


Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Aitoloakarnania
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Inachou Aitoloakarnania
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Sklavopoulas Chania
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Korinthia
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Ilia
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Grevena
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Heraklion
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Kozani
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Magnisia
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Rhodopi
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Samos
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) Trikala

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