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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Ilia

Aetorrachi (Greek: Αετορράχη) is a Greek settlement located around 13 km southeast of Varda, the former municipal seat of Vouprasia. Aetorrachi forms a community together with the nearby settlement Dafni. Its population in 2001 was 122. Aetorrachi is linked with a road linking with Borsi and a road linking Kentro and Varda as well as to Lechaina. Most of the area's population work in the field of agriculture.

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Dafni, pop. 166
Aetorrachi, pop. 122


The geography of the area consists of farmland, which includes olive groves, pastures, fruit orchard and vegetable farms, with forests covering the remainder of the area. Several streams flow through the area. The area is very hilly and the mountains of Movri lies to the east. Mount Scollis can be seen in the west along with the village of Portes. The northwestern section of Ilia can be viewed while around the Aetorrachi area. The town is based on a hillside located near Peneus Lake. From the village, the towns of the Peneus Valley can be seen on the horizon.


Southwest of the town's site is the ancient city of Elis, which was the area where the mythical hero Hercules joined the two rivers of the Peneus and the Alpheus rivers together, and cleaned up the areas of Queen Augeia.

The village was founded during the Ottoman Era and was known as Valaka (Greek: Βάλακα), named after the Turkish chief Valak Agaş. After the Greek War of Independence of 1821, the Ottoman rule finally came to an end, and joining Greece, the Turks fled the area.

The village was renamed in 1957 to Aetorrachi, deriving from the area in which it was built, from the place names of Aetos and Rachis. The village became a commune, together with the neighboring village of Kombouthreka (which was later renamed Dafni). In 1997, under the Kapodistrias Law, the area became a municipal district and a settlement of the municipality of Vouprasias. Many of the inhabitants left the area in search of a better life in larger Greek towns and cities and abroad, during the mid-20th century.

Year Village population Municipal district population
1991 359 -
2001 122 288

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