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Ancient Greek Festivals

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Dedication: Apollo

Date : Metageiutnion

A minor festival, celebrated by the Attic demos Melite, in honour of Apollo Metageitnios. The chief solemnities consisted in offering sacrifices, and the festival was believed to commemorate the emigration (geitniasis pros heterous) of the inhabitants of Melite to Diomis. (Plut. de Exil. § 6; comp. Suidas and Harpocrat. s. v. Metageitniôn.) But it seems not improbable that the institution of this festival is connected with the extension of the worship of Apollo so as to embrace all classes, under the influence of Epimenides. The idea of migration in the worship of Apollo is indicated in the story of Ion, and from that idea may come the title Metageitnios given to Apollo and thence to the Attic month. William Smith A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities

Mounykhion (Mounychion) (Μουνύχια)

Dedication: Artemis

Date : 16-th Elaphebolion

In honor of Artemis the Moon Goddess and Lady of the Beasts. Procession of people carrying small round cakes Amphiphontes (Shining-all-round), in which dadia (little torches) are stuck; These are offered to Artemis. Some say the reason the cake is called Amphiphon, which can also mean "Shining by Double Light," is that it is offered when the sun and moon are both visible. In ancient times a she-goat was sacrificed. This is also an appropriate time for the Arkteia (Playing the She-Bear). The Arktoi (She-Bears) are young girls (about ten years old) who dance naked or in short, saffron chitones (tunics); they wear leaf-crowns in their hair and carry torches or twigs.

From a lecture: HELLANIKOS of Lesbos, Information about Mounychia:

Demosthenes, in the Oration for Ctesiphon [18. 107]:

a place along the seashore in Attica. Hellanikos, in Book II of his Atthis, says that it was named after a certain King Mounychos, son of Pantakles. Scholia on Demosthenes: Mounychia is a place round about the Peiraeus, where the sanctuary of Mounychia the daughter of Artemis is . . .

Mouseia (later called Great Kaisareia)

Dedication: Muses

Date : Every 5 years

Ancient Greek Festivals

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