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Saint Andrew the Apostle

Apostle St Andrew , El Greco

Apostle St Andrew, El Greco

St Andrew and St Francis, El Greco

St. Andrew, Peter Paul Rubens

Saint Andrew, Carlo Crivelli

Saint Andrew, Jusepe de Ribera

The Crucifixion of St. Andrew, Frans Francken the Younger

Martyrdom of St. Andrew, Jusepe de Ribera

Martyrdom of St Andrew, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Martyrdom of St. Andrew, Guido Reni

The Entombment of Saint Andrew, Joseph-Marie Vien

Saint Bartholomew and Saint Andrew, Ugolino di Nerio

The Crucifixion of St Andrew, Mattia Preti

St. Andrew who embraces his cross, Charles André van Loo

Sequence "Twelve Apostles with Christ the Judge ", Agostino Carracci

Design for an Apostle series : St. Andrew, Hans Leonhard Schäufelein

" Martyrdom of the twelve apostles " St. Andrew, Lucas Cranach the Elder

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