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Rockox House, Antwerp ( Rockoxhuis )

The Lamentation of Christ, Jan Sanders van Hemessen

Education of Jupiter, Jacob Jordaens

Portrait of a Lady, Willem Key

The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, Lambert Lombard

The Tribunal of the Brabant Mint in Antwerp, Marten de Vos

Still-Life, Petrus Willebeeck

Still Life, Petrus Willebeeck

Holy Family with St John and St Elizabeth, Lucas Vorsterman

Portrait of Nicolaas Rockox, Lucas Vorsterman

The Rockox House is a former residence of the Rockox family and Belgian private museum of KBC Bank in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.


The house was rebuilt for Nicolaas II Rockox, lord Mayor of Antwerpen. He had different houses united in 1603, and restored in Renaissance style.[1] It was his principal residence which he used for business and it was built in baroque style. A few of Rubens' most famous artworks were specially designed for this residence, among them Samson and Delilah.

After the Rockox Family sold the estate in 1715 to benefit the poor, the house became property of the KBC banking, in 1970 and it is used as a public museum.

The house is a typical example of the Architecture that was popular with the bourgeosie the early 17th century in Antwerpen. It has an inner garden with fine herbs, and has features of an Italian pallazo.

The current rooms are ornated with the art collection of KBC Bank. This collection is put permanently on display, like the paintings would be presented in the 16th Century. Famous is the collection of old masters.

However, this collection is not the historic collection as owned by the Rockox family. Besides paintings the current KBC collection includes important engravings, sculptures and textiles.

Masters that are put on display are Jan Fyt, Cornelis Metsijs, Peter Paul Rubens, Jan Sanders van Hemessen, Hans III Jordaens, Jacob Jordaens, Maarten De Vos, David Teniers, Quinten Metsijs, Joachim Patinir, Frans Snijders, Lucas FaydÂ’herbe, Paulus Pontius and Lambert Lombard.
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