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Pieter van Anraedt


 Painting - The Leavetaking Of Captain Hendrik De Sandra Sent Off By His Wife And Children by Pieter van Anraedt

The Leavetaking Of Captain Hendrik De Sandra Sent Off By His Wife And Children

Still Life with Earthenware Jug and Clay Pipes

Pieter van Anraedt or Pieter van Anraadt (c.1635 – 13 April 1678) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of history scenes. Little is known about the circumstances of his life.


According to the RKD he was born in Utrecht (city), but trained in Deventer, where he was influenced by Gerard ter Borch. Arnold Houbraken mentions that this painter was very friendly with Jan van der Veen, a poet. He married his daughter and moved to Amsterdam in the rampjaar 1672, where he won a commission to paint the regents of the huiszitten house on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal, where he lived. This piece was highly admired and was known to Houbraken in 1718.[1] Soon after painting this portrait, Anraedt returned in 1675 to Deventer, where he later died.


Pieter van Anraat biography in De groote schouburgh der Nederlantsche konstschilders en schilderessen (1718) by Arnold Houbraken, courtesy of the Digital library for Dutch literature

Record for Regents' painting in the RKD
Record for Regents' painting in the Amsterdams Historisch Museum

Rose, Hugh James (1857). A New General Biographical Dictionary, London: B. Fellowes et al.
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