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Famous Artists - Bather by Marguerite Arosa


Marguerite Arosa

Marguerite Arosa (1854 - Paris, 23 February 1903) was a French painter and watercolourist of the second half of the nineteenth century. She came from an upper middle class family in Paris. Her father Gustave Arosa had an extensive collection of contemporary art, especially paintings by Delacroix, Corot, Courbet, Daubigny and painters of the Barbizon School. When the mother of Paul Gauguin died in 1867, Gustave Arosa became the guardian of her children. In the house of Arosa in Paris and his country house in St. Cloud, the youthful Gauguin was acquainted with this art. In 1871, Gustave Arosa gave a job to Gauguin as stockbroker in a bank. And around Christmas 1872 Gauguin met his future wife, the Danish Mette-Sophie Gad, at the home of Arosa in Paris. Marguerite Arosa is well known for her landscapes and portraits, but also has some seascapes painted. She had studied art under Mayer, Félix-Joseph Barrias (1822-1907) and the realistic painter Armand Gautier (1825-1894). She gave her enthusiasm for art by Gauguin, who made his first paintings with her. She brought him the oil technique and taught him how he had to apply in paintings. On Sundays she went painting together around Paris

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