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John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent : Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3


Mrs. Frederick Barnard

Mrs. Frederick Mead (Mary Eliza Scribner)

Mrs. Frederick Roller

Mrs.Gardiner Greene Hammond

Mrs. Gardner in White

Mrs. George Batten (Mabel Veronica Hatch)

Mrs. George Gribble

Mrs.George Lewis (Elizabeth Eberstadt)

Mrs. George Swinton

Mrs. George Swinton

Mrs. Graham Moore Robertson (Marion Greatorex)

Mrs. Hamilton McKown Twombly (Florence Adele Vanderbilt)

Mrs. Harold Harmsworth

Mrs. Harold Wilson (Anna Margary)

Mrs. Harry Vane Vilbank

Mrs. Henry Marquand

Mrs. Henry Phipps and Her Granson Winston

Mrs. Huth Jackson (Clara Annabel Caroline Grant Duff)

Mrs. Ian Hamilton (Jean Muir)

Mrs. Jacob Wandell

Mrs. John Joseph Townsend (Catherine Rebecca Bronson)

Mrs. John William Crombie (Minna Watson)

Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain

Mrs. Joseph E. Widener

Mrs. Joshua Montgomery Sears

Mrs.Kate A More

Mrs.Kate Moore

Mrs.Leopold Hirsch

Mrs.Louis Raphael

Mrs.Mahlon Day Sands (Mary Hartpeace)

Mrs.Philip Leslie Agnew

Mrs.Ralph Curtis (Eliza De Wolfe Colt)

Mrs.Richard H.Derby

Mrs.Robert Harrison

Mrs.Thomas Edward Vickers

Mrs.Thomas Lincoln Manson Jr (Mary Groot)

Mrs.Thomas Wodehouse Legh

Mrs.Waldo Story

Mrs.Waldorf Astor (Nancy Langhorne)

Mrs.Walter Bacon (Virginia Purdy Barker)

Mrs.William Crowninshield Endicott

Mrs.William Crowninshield Endicott,Jr

Mrs.William George Raphael (Margherita Goldsmid)

Mrs.William Henry Vanderbilt

Mrs.William Playfair

Mrs.William Russell Cooke

Mrs.William Shakespeare (Louise Weiland)

Mrs.Winton Phipps (Jessie Percy Butler Duncan)

Muddy Alligators

My Dining Room


Nude Egyptian Girl

Olive Trees at Corfu

Olive Trees, Corfu

Olivia Richardson

On the Canal

On the Deck of the Yacht Constellation

On the Grand Canal

On the Verandah

On His Holidays

Oranges at Corfu

Orestes Pursued by the Furies

Oxen in Repose

Oxen on the Beach at Baia

Oxen Resting

Padre Sebastiano (also known as Padre Albera)

Palazzo Corner della Ca' Grande

Palazzo Grimani

Palazzo Labbia,Venice



Palmettos, Florida


Pater Harrison (also known as Siesta)

Paul Helleu

Paul Helleu Sketching with His Wife

Pavement of St. Mark's

Perseus by Night

Perseus on Pegasus Slaying Medusa

Perseus, Florence

Persian Artifact with Faience Decoration

Peter A. B. Widener

Peter A. B. Widener

Peter Harrison Asleep

Pine Forest

Polly Barnard




Ponte della Canonica

Ponte San Giuseppe de Castello, Venice

Pool in the Garden of La Granja


Portrait of Vernon Lee

President Theodore Roosevelt

President Woodrow Wilson

Pressing the Grapes. Florentine Wine Cellar

Princess Demidoff (Sophie Ilarinovna)

Princess Nouronihar

Professors Welch, Halsted, Osler and Kelly

Purtud, Alpine Scene and Boulders

Purtud, Bed of a Glacier Torrent

Purtud. Fir Trees and Snow Mountains

Rainy Day on the Deck of the Yacht Constellation

Ralph Wormeley Curtiis

Ramon Subercaseaux

Reclining Figure

Reclining Nude



Rehearsal of the Pas de Loup Orchestra at the Cirque d'Hiver


Reverend Edmond Ware

Richard Morris Hunt

Rio de Santa Maria Formosa

Rio dei Mendicanti

Rio dell'Angelo

Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife

Roman Architecture

Rose-Marie Ormond



Rosina, Capri

Ruth Sears Bacon

Saddle Horse,Palestine

Sally Fairchild

San Vigilio

San Vigilio, A Boat with Golden Sail

San Vigilio, Lake Garda

Sand Beach, Schooner Head, Maine

Santa Maria del Carmelo and Scuola Grande dei Carmini

Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute

Schooner, Catherine, Somesville,Maine

Scuola di San Rocco


Seated Model with Drapery

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Senator Calvin Brice

Shady Paths

Sheepfold in the Tirol

Shipping, Majorca

Shoeing the Ox

Side Canal in Venice


Simplon Pass. Chalets

Simplon Pass. Reading

Simplon Pass. The Foreground

Simplon Pass. The Green Parasol

Simplon Pass. The Lesson

Simplon Pass. The Tease

Sir David Richmond

Sir David Richmond

Sir Edmund Gosse

Sir Frank Swettenham

Sir Frank Swettenham

Sir George Lewis

Sir George Sitwell,Lady Ida Sitwell and Family

Sir Phillip Albert Gustave David Sasson

Sir William Hedworth Williamson,th Baronet

Sketching on the Giudecca

Spanish Dancer

Spanish Fountain

Spanish Fountain

Spirito Santo, Saattera

St.Martin's Summer

Stable at Cuenca

Staircase in Capri

Statue of Daphne

Statue of Perseus by Night

Steps of a Palace

Still Life with Daffodils

Street in Arras

Street in Venice

Street in Venice

Stringing Onions

Studies of a Nude Youth

Studies of Aphrodite for Aphrodite and Eros

Study for Madame Pierre Gautreau

Study for Madame X

Study for The Spanish Dance

Study for Two Heads for Boston Mural. The Prophets

Study of a Fig Tree

Study of a Young Man

Study of Ezekiel for Frieze of the Prophets

Study of Polly Barnard

Sylvia Harrison


Temple of Denderah

Teresa Gosse

The Alps. Val D'Aosta, Purtud

The Archbishop of Canterbury (Randall Thomas Davidson)

The Artist Sketching

The Bathers

The Boating Party.

The Breakfast Table (Violet Sargent)

The Brook

The Cashmere Shawl

The Chess Game

The Countess of Lathom

The Countess of Rocksavage (Sybil Sassoon)

The Countess of Rocksavage

The Countess of Warwick and Her Son

The Danaides

The Dead Sea

The Duchess of Portland

The Duchess of Sutherland

The Earl of Wemyss and March

The Earle of Comer

The Earle of Dalhousie

The Family of the Duke of Marlborough

The Fence

The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati, Italy

The Garden Wall

The Great Fountain of Bologna

The Green Dress

The Hermit

The Honorable Laura Lister

The Honorable Mrs. Charles Russel

The Honourable Pauline Astor

The Honourable Victoria Stanley

The Ladies Alexandra, Mary and Theo Acheson

The Lake of Tiberias

The Libreria

The Libreria

The Little Fruit Seller

The Marchioness Curzon of Kedleston

The Marlborough Family

The Misses Hunter

The Misses Vickers

The Moraine

The Old Chair

The Olive Grove

The Oyster Gatherers of Cancale

The Piazzetta and the Doge's Palace

The Pink Dress

The Plains from Nazareth

The Rialto (Grand Canal)

The Rialto

The Rialto.Venice

The Right Honourable Earl Curzon of Kedleston

The Right Honourable Joseph Chamberlain

The Simplon

The Simplon

The Simplon. Large Rocks

The Sketchers

The Sons of Mrs.Malcolm Forbes

The Spanish Fountain

The Sphinx

The Steps of the Church of S.S.Domenico e Siste in Rome

The Sulphur Match

The Tramp

The Tyrol

The White House

The Wrecked Sugar Refinery

The Wyndham Sisters


Thou Shalt Not Steal

Three Nudes with Cupid

Tiepolo Ceiling, Milan

Torsos of two male nudes

Trout Stream in the Tyrol

Turkish Woman by a Stream

Two Girls in White Dresses

Two Girls Lying on the Grass

Two Girls on a Lawn

Two Girls with Parasols at Fladbury

Two studies for Madame X

Two studies for soldiers of Gassed

Two Women Asleep in a Punt under the Willows

Tyrolese Crucifix

Under the Rialto Bridge

Under the Willows

Unloading Boats, Venice

Val d'Aosta

Val d'Aosta, Man Fishing

Val D'Aosta, Purtud

Valdemosa, Majorca. Thistles and Herbage on a Hillside

Vase Fountain, Pocantico

Vaslav Nijinsky in Le Pavillon d'Armide

Venice, bad weather

Venetian Bead Stringers

Venetian Bead Stringers

Venetian Canal

Venetian Canal Scene

Venetian Canal, Palazzo Corner

Venetian Canal

Venetian Doorway

Venetian Glass Workers

Venetian Interior

Venetian Interior

Venetian Onion Seller

Venetian Street

Venetian Water Carriers

Venetian Wineshop


Venice in Gray Weather

Venice, Palazzo Labia

Venice, Sailing Boat

Venice. The Prison

Vernon Lee

View from a Window, Genoa

View of Capri

Villa de Marlia. A Fountain

Villa di Marlia, Lucca

Villa Papa Giulla

Villa Torlonia Fountain

Villa Torlonia Fountain

Villa Torlonia, Frascati

Villa Torlonia. Fountain

Villa Torre Galli. The Loggia

Village Children

Violet Fishing

Violet Resting on the Grass

Violet Sargent

Violet Sargent

Violet Sargent

Violet Sargent

Violet Sargent and Flora Priestley

Violet Sleeping

W. Graham Robertson


White Ox at Siena

White Ships

William Butler Yeats

William Marshall Cazalet

William Merritt Chase


Winifred, Duchess of Portland

Woman Reading in a Cashmere Shawl

Woman Reclining

Woman with Collie

Young Girl Wearing a White Muslin Blouse

Young Man in Reverie


Two wine glasses

Lord Ribblesdale

The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit

Portrait of Vernon Lee

John Singer Sargent : Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3

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John Singer Sargent Art - Carnation Lily Lily Rose by John Singer Sargent

Carnation Lily Lily...

John Singer Sargent

Artist, USA


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