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Johann Anwander


Sts. Cosmas and Damian as doctors

Würzburg Marienberg Mainfränkisches Museum Maria Rosa

 Drawing - The Apotheosis Of A Saint. Project For A Ceiling by Johann Anwander

The Apotheosis Of A Saint. Project For A Ceiling

Zisterzenserinnen-Äbtissin Maria Rosa aus dem ehemaligen Agnes Kloster in Lauingen (Donau)

Johann Anwander (born February 7, 1715 in Rappen, today Unteregg community, Unterallgäu; † 16 November 1770 in Lauingen, Dillingen) was a German Rococo painter and fresco painter.
Anwander, the son of a farmer, was educatied probably in Ottobeuren or Mindelheim monastery. In 1740 he married Mary Frances Seser, the daughter of a Lauinger councilor, where he settled as a painter. In more than 50 churches in southern Germany, his works, paintings and frescoes can be see.

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