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Jean Audran

Alexander the Great Enters Babylonia

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Jean Audran Art - Alexander the Great Enters Babylonia by Jean Audran

Alexander the Great...

Jean Audran

Jean Audran, the brother of Benoit, and the third son of Germain Audran, was born at Lyons in 1667 ; having learned the rudiments of the art under his father, he was placed under the care of his uncle, the famous Gérard Audran, in Paris. Before he was twenty years of age he displayed uncommon ability, and became a very celebrated engraver. In 1706 he was made engraver to the king, with a pension and apartments at the Gobelins. The hand of a great master is discernible in all his plates; and without having attained the extraordinary perfection of Gérard Audran, his claim to excellence is very considerable. He died in 1756.

Artist, France


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